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Supported Residential Living at NeuLife - Post Acute Rehab

NeuLife and Post Acute Rehab

NeuLife Rehabilitation is one of the largest residential post acute rehab programs in the Southeast. NeuLife’s beautiful campus situated on 43 acres in a rural, tranquil environment with 54 private patient suites is the ideal setting for patients requiring post acute rehab.

What is post acute rehab?

Post acute rehab refers to a medical treatment program aimed at returning patients, who have suffered severe injuries, back as close as possible to their pre-injury state. The term ‘post acute’ acknowledges that the patient was previously at an acute care facility, normally a hospital. Acute injuries range from brain injuries and spine injuries, to strokes and neurological disorders.

NeuLife’s rehabilitation that individuals receive after, or in some cases instead of, a stay in an acute care hospital. Depending on the intensity of rehab the patient requires, treatment may include a stay in a post-acute rehab facility such as NeuLife in order to receive specialized care and rehabilitative services before returning home following an injury.

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In what way is NeuLife well positioned to provide high quality post acute rehab programs?

NeuLife’s facility and multi-specialty staff combine to provide the perfect environment for patients requiring post acute rehab. In terms of the facility, NeuLife’s inpatient residential facility in Florida is situated on 43 rolling acres with 54 private patient suites. Depending on the patient’s specific post acute rehab needs and requirements, they are able to make use of the following on site amenities:

  • Large accessible restrooms and living area
  • Full service Kitchen
  • Highly trained Chef
  • Fully-equipped therapy rooms
  • Training kitchens
  • Skills retraining laundry room
  • Arts & Crafts room for creativity and fine motor skills
  • Accessible theater
  • Non-denomination chapel on-site
  • Cozy sitting rooms for family gatherings
  • Outdoor gathering areas
  • Outdoor working garden
  • Group activities to improve socialization
  • Gaming area with foosball and pool table
  • Wii® gaming system for virtual reality rehabilitation
  • Accessible NeuLife van for seated/wheelchair transport
  • On-site Equine therapy
  • Pet visitation opportunities

In terms of multi-specialty staff (and depending on the patient’s specific needs), patients have access to physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, dieticians, case managers, and several other specialists.

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