NeuLife Rehabilitation is one of the largest residential post-acute rehabilitation programs specializing in rehabilitation for a wide range of catastrophic injuries. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in Brain Injury Specialty Programs and Residential Rehabilitation.

Patients and Families

Patients & Families

At NeuLife, our core focus is the patient and family. Our team collaborates with the patient and family to develop custom care catastrophic rehabilitation plans specifically designed to meet their unique goals. We embrace the belief that the family is an integral part of treatment and encourage active family participation.

Patients and Families

Workers’ Compensation

As a premier provider of rehabilitation services for workers’ compensation, NeuLife has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the various laws from state to state. Our post acute rehabilitation programs focus on helping each patient restore the necessary skills to return to the community and work.

Patients and Families

Healthcare Professionals

Our team of clinical experts work closely with external case managers and medical providers to maintain their involvement in the brain injury rehab and care of each patient. Through our secure patient portal, case managers and medical professionals can access information and timely updates from anywhere.

Patients and Families


NeuLife is one of the few healthcare facilities in the U.S. that treats patients without quality health insurance by deferring collection of its fees until the personal injury case is finalized. Catastrophic rehab patients and their families should work with an attorney who is experienced in complex personal injury cases.

Patients and Families


NeuLife is registered with the Veteran’s Choice Program, and we are dedicated to serving the rehabilitation needs of Veterans, Military Service Members and their families through specialized post acute rehab for brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic conditions.

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