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The Brain Injury Association of America reports that more than 2.4 million adults and children sustain a traumatic brain injury, and over 795,000 experience a non-traumatic brain injury each year. These injuries impact the way patients speak, think and move. Studies show that proper treatment and rehabilitation at a brain injury facility makes a significant difference in a patient’s brain injury rehabilitation.


At NeuLife’s brain injury center, we know that every injury is different, and each patient faces their own unique set of challenges. This knowledge is the driving force behind our individualized approach to care. Our patients benefit from customized care plans and a clinical staff with more than 200 years of combined rehabilitation experience.


The brain injury rehabilitation program at NeuLife offers a full continuum of services for patients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), non-traumatic/mild brain injury (MBI), and acquired brain injury (ABI) including a stroke. Our comprehensive program at our brain injury clinic encompasses the unique needs of each patient and family. The team focuses on maximizing abilities, providing education, increasing mobility and preventing complications.

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Brain injury rehabilitation at NeuLife’s brain injury facility is guided by an interdisciplinary team of clinical professionals and focuses on the individual needs and abilities of each patient. Each individualized care plan addresses all facets of brain injury recovery. Our interdisciplinary team works together to provide integrated care that’s designed for optimal independence and a safe return home.

Our multi-specialty team at our brain injury center includes:

  • Physicians & Specialists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Cognitive Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Recreational Specialists
  • Dieticians
  • Community Reintegration Specialists
  • Case Managers
  • Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  • Neuropsychologists


Feature1 1 - Brain Injury Rehabilitation

What does our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program include?

Our brain injury rehabilitation program includes clinical evaluations, medical care and therapeutic activities that are customized to meet the goals, needs and abilities of each patient. By leveraging a variety of rehabilitation services, we are able to create an integrated approach focused on helping each patient recover activities of daily living skills (ADLs) with compensatory strategies and mobility aids to achieve a seamless transition into the community. Every component of the treatment plan is customized to the individual patient for guaranteed results.

Key components of our innovative treatment plans include caregiver education and involvement. Caregivers are invited to actively participate in the rehabilitation process. We recognize the physical and emotional impact family members face and we believe that a strong support system is critical. We are here for you and your loved ones.

Patients considering the brain injury rehabilitation program at NeuLife’s brain injury facility must be stabilized enough to actively participate in a full day of therapy. The length of stay varies according to the needs of each patient. Typically, patients at our brain injury center are treated no less than four weeks. Data indicates that our patients experience significant functional gains during their stay and more than 87% of our patients with brain injuries were discharged home rather than another care setting.


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Brain Injury Rehabilitation FAQs

What is brain injury rehab?

Brain injury rehab is designed to repair and improve function following an injury to the brain, returning the patient as close as possible to their pre-injury state.

What makes NeuLife a successful brain injury facility?

NeuLife is a post-acute inpatient brain injury rehabilitation facility designed to provide brain injury rehab programs. The facility itself is one of the largest brain injury centers in the Southeast, with 54 private patient suites, fully equipped therapy rooms, skills retraining laundry room, accessible theater, and many other amenities on the 43 acre property. Furthermore, our multi-specialty team means that all aspects of a patient’s brain injury rehab are addressed. These specialties include physiatry, psychiatry, neuropsychology, cognitive therapists, speech language pathologists, dieticians, physical therapists, among others.

Where can I get more information about
NeuLife’s brain injury rehab program?

For more information about NeuLife’s brain injury rehab program in Florida, please call us at 800.626.3876.

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