The NeuLife Difference

Listen as a few members of the NeuLife team describe what makes NeuLife Rehabilitation different from conventional  facilities.

Mr. William Long

When William sustained a spinal cord injury, he wasn’t sure where to go. With the help of the NeuLife team, he was able to come to NeuLife where he continues to make progress toward recovery. Listen as William describes his experience.

Mr. & Mrs. Vickers

After her husband Jimmy Ray sustained a traumatic brain injury, Peggy was on a mission to find the best rehabilitation facility for her husband. Listen as she describes their experience at NeuLife.

Mr. Walter Tittle

While taking a walk, Walter was struck by a vehicle and sustained a spinal cord injury. Listen as Walter describes his experience at NeuLife.

NeuLife Aerial Video

Catch a glimpse of our 43-acre facility with this beautiful aerial footage.

Maas Success Story

Listen as former patient Christian Maas tells the story of his miraculous and unexpected recovery at NeuLife.

Moving Forward

We are here to help our clients reach the goal of independence.