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inpatient rehabilitation facility, residential rehab
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William Long

They work you hard here. They work you to keep you motivated, to keep you pushing yourself to accomplish the goals that you’re trying to get here. They’re going to help you get there. That keeps me moving on, and keeps me working hard.
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Walter Tittle

I came in on a stretcher, and I was in bad shape. I’ve improved dramatically. It’s made a great big difference in my life. The therapists here get to know you very well and know what you need in the way of therapy. I can't say enough about the therapists. They’re without description.
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Peggy Vickers

It’s been unbelievable. When my daughter and I walked in, we thought it was the nicest facility we’ve ever seen. He has all kinds of therapies – and everything about him is so improved from what it was when we first came here. It’s amazing.