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Another unique offering available at NeuLife is our Letter of Protection program. Persons involved in personal injury litigation may be able to receive care on a Letter of Protection (LOP) basis. Essentially, an LOP is an agreement that allows a person to receive necessary care while deferring payment until resolution of their case.

What is an LOP?
The LOP is the document that memorializes the agreement that the medical provider will provide the care and forego immediate payment and the patient promises to pay once his or her case resolves.

How does an LOP work?
Person P is an uninsured motorist. He’s involved in a car accident with person D, who has insurance. Following the accident, P sues D. While the litigation is pending, P cannot receive medical care (apart from emergency room/acute care) due to his lack of insurance and D’s insurance is not obligated to pay because it is contesting whether D was actually at fault.

A medical provider (hospital, doctor, rehab facility, etc.), may provide the care on a Letter of Protection (LOP) basis. P and the medical provider sign an LOP whereby the medical provider agrees to provide the needed care and P promises to pay for his care from the funds received through resolution of the case. The case may be resolved either through a settlement or jury verdict. Once the case is resolved, P is obligated to pay the outstanding bills.

Who needs an LOP?
Uninsured and under-insured (policy does not cover necessary care) persons involved in personal injury suits are candidates for LOPs. The benefit is that patients are able to receive the care they need when they need it, despite a lack of insurance, and they do not have to pay out-of-pocket until their case is resolved.

At NeuLife, we understand the financial burdens that may accompany the litigation process, but we believe that financial restraints shouldn’t prevent a patient from receiving the care they need and deserve. For more information regarding the LOP program at NeuLife, contact our staff counsel, Michael Flores, Esq. at 352.720.3050 or via email at