Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain Injury Program

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Spinal Cord injury Rehabilitation

Spinal Cord Injury Program

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Amputee Rehabilitation Program

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Severe burn Rehabilitation

Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation

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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Injury Program

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Amputaiton Rehabilitation

Neurological Disorder Rehabilitation Program

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Major Multiple Trauma Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation Program

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Our Facility

  • 54 private patient suites, with large accessible restrooms and living area
  • Full-Service Kitchen & highly-trained Chef provide nutritious meals and snacks
  • Fully-equipped therapy rooms to improve mobility and function
  • Daily skills retraining in our training kitchen and laundry room
  • Build creativity and develop fine motor skills in the arts and crafts room
  • Leisure time in the accessible theater
  • Weekly church services in our chapel
  • Cozy sitting rooms for family gatherings
  • Outdoor gathering areas and a working garden
  • Group activities to improve socialization
  • Gaming area including foosball and a pool table
  • Wii® gaming system for virtual reality rehabilitation and functional training
  • Accessible NeuLife van for seated and wheelchair transport to weekly therapeutic outings
  • Equine therapy on the property
  • Pet visitation opportunities
Overall 86% discharged to a home setting compared to a National average of 75%
Patients achieve an average of 81% functional improvement from admission to discharge.


Achieving the highest functional independence for a successful discharge home is our number one goal. Our patients experience significant functional gains during their care, overall, 86% of our patients are discharged home.

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Community Integrated Rehabilitation

The Community Integrated Rehabilitation program at NeuLife is designed to empower patients to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible to return home. This innovative program provides patients and families with the tools, training and resources to achieve a seamless reintegration into their community, school and/or workplace. Applying hands-on and real-life therapeutic opportunities that bridge the gap between rehab and reality, our team is able to facilitate a successful community re-entry.


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Patient Process

The admission process at NeuLife Rehabilitation is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Our dedicated Admissions Team is standing by 24/7 to accept referrals. Individuals that are clinically appropriate, have secured funding and demonstrate motivation to participate in NeuLife’s program are candidates for admission.

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  1. Make a referral 24/7
    Call: 800.626.3876
    Fax: 407.209.3501
  2. An intake evaluation is completed by one of NeuLife’s Clinical Nurse Liaisons to determine if the individual is clinically appropriate.  Our highly experienced nurse liaisons will travel to any location for an admission referral.
  3. Funding sources will be explored and secured.

Pricing – Competitive and Flexible

Our pricing is competitive and flexible – and we accept patients based on their ability to participate in therapy, not their ability to pay. While we work closely with private, commercial, Workers’ Compensation and other payers, we also work closely with patients to find the most cost-effective solutions for care. Our staff has the unparalleled ability to provide each patient and family with information and assistance regarding rehabilitation funding sources and mechanisms.

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